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Engage your community with a bike program by PeopleForBikes

PeopleForBikes leverages their Ride Spot platform to track and reward bike behaviors encouraging more riding, more often!


Arrive Happy with Ride Spot.

Ride Spot’s unique functionality to engage new and existing riders is key to growing participation and achieving your specific goals.

When people arrive happy, they bring that spark to the rest of their day.

Commuter incentive programs of yesterday have received new life with a post-pandemic focus on lifestyle change to get individuals using the bicycle as a form of transportation, recreation and leisure activities.


Show employees where to ride and keep them riding.

Ride Spot shows program participants the best places to ride whether it’s to the workplace, for recreation or for utility.

The free mobile app has high quality turn-by-turn navigation that participants can use to get safely from point A to point B.

Ride Spot keeps employees engaged with three unique Challenge tools which motivate and inspire participation.


Partner Benefits

Passionate team available throughout partnership. Bike program outlines, creative design, engagement campaigns, and more, provided.
Create custom Ride Spot Challenges to make program participation fun and rewarding!
Program participants can engage through photos and story telling to highlight their favorite places to ride!
All Ride Spot features and benefits will be hosted on a private network for each participating partner account.
A dashboard allows administrators to see what’s working and where there are opportunities for improvement.
Ride data can be aggregated or individualized to recognize and reward riders for their participation.
It’s time to start engaging employees on their journey to better biking. When people shift their commute from a stressful activity to a true mental reset, they arrive at work energized, happy and ready to roll with the day.
Bike Program Demo
Schedule 20 minutes with a PeopleForBike staff member to receive a demonstration of how Ride Spot can extend the joys of bike riding to your community using a dedicated bike program.