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Seven Reasons Why Bike Benefits Programs Are Great for Business


A well-designed bike benefits program can be a simple solution for many corporate objectives. Organizations focused on sustainability, wellness, carbon neutrality, reduced dependency on parking, community involvement, team building, recruiting and/or employee retention will see an instant return on investment by offering an employee benefit focused on bicycling, and here’s why: 

  • Customizable — Bike benefits programs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Each program is designed to easily align with an organization’s objectives. By aligning the program action (i.e biking to the office) with an existing objective (i.e. carbon neutrality), participating organizations can take meaningful steps toward accomplishing their mission/vision.
  • Self-Sustaining — Participating organizations are often delighted to learn the number of staff who already participate in bike riding. Those internal bike ambassadors should be empowered to help steward a bike program that benefits their needs and serves their peers. By encouraging passionate employees to help design, build and maintain the program, it creates self-sustaining employee benefit.
  • Dynamic — Unlike many employee benefits that are static throughout the year, a bike benefits program allows organizations to modify the incentivized action throughout the year to align with changing business needs (i.e. incentivizing active transportation on Earth Day) 
  • Fun! — Let’s be honest, high-deductible health plans, health savings accounts, dependent care and vision/dental aren’t the most fun topics to cover with employees. Creating a program that encourages them to ride their bikes is an employee benefit that affects almost everyone it is offered to.
  • Inexpensive — Bike benefits can often come at a low cost to employers. Popular no/low-cost options include public recognition, existing company merchandise, credit card point perks, preferred seating, early dismissal, late arrival, extended lunch, company store credits and more. 
  • Team Building — Administering a bike benefits program allows employees across departments to meaningfully interact and develop relationships based on their shared passion for bicycling. The program can also be designed to accelerate these inter-departmental conversations creating a work atmosphere that inspires collaboration and creativity. 
  • Recruitment and Retention — A company’s benefits package is commonly what sets it apart and showcases the priorities of the organization. Including a benefit focused on bicycling capitalizes on the fun, environmentally friendly nature of the bike and aligns the company with those same values.

This list of tangible benefits, while not exhaustive, is indicative of why businesses should prioritize investing in a bike benefit program for staff. Learn more about what it takes to design, promote and track a successful bike benefits program. 

Ready to roll? Schedule a meeting with the PeopleForBikes team today to leverage their bike program experience and create the perfect program for your organization.